DogCam Bullet HD Wide – More Crashes

The Dogcam Bullet HD Wide has been replaced, but alas, it’s still doing the same thing in that it is crashing repeatedly. My daily 6.5 mile commute takes me around 25 minutes, and the camera crashes well over 50% of the time during my commute; the last 6 journeys have seen 5 crashes, for example. I can’t see any routine to it, and I’ve used two different 16GB cards in it now.

They think it might be to do with the new style SD cards. I didn’t know they had changed, but I will try swapping it for a 4GB card from tomorrow to see what happens.

There’s certainly no way I can take the camera out on any kind of proper activity where I’m wanting to collect video, since it crashes so often. There’s also no way to tell it has crashed until you plug it into your Mac/PC and play the video. Still, I’m getting plenty of feedback from the guys at Dogcam who are as confused as anyone, so I’m hopeful a resolution will be found soon.

Realistically, I’m needing a camera that works reliably within the next month so I can take the girls on a camping / cycling trip up near Callander.

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  1. I’m having major problems with my bullet HD wide, it does not record and I have stopped using it. DCS say the problem seems to be the SD card when connecting it to my Mac, the Mac reallocates the size of the card or something. Even when it did work it recorded about 4 files for two journeys and then pixelated badly on playback. Is anyone having such problems using it with a Mac?

  2. I got a similar story from them where they claimed the sd card was the problem, which wasn’t the case. Have you tried a different sd card to rule it out as being the issue?

  3. They are blaming my Mac. I asked for a replacement, which they refused, they claim that they had it working in their lab, but that is no use to me. I have mailed it back twice at a cost of £5.90 each time and they are refusing to refund the postage, eventhough they told me to!!! They have offered me a full refund though, but not the £18 postage. I think its not fit for purpose and under the Sale of Goods Act I am entitled to a full refund (inc postage). Would be willing to back up my story with them if I raise it?

  4. DCS insists the SD works and have not offered that as a suggestion. I will ask them.

  5. One of the problems I had was that their “testing” of my unit to try to replicate the unit wasn’t done successfully, as they sent the unit back and it had the same fault, even when I’d explained fully what the fault was. I wasn’t convinced that they had tested it at all, but of course it’s difficult to know one way or the other – maybe they were just really lucky and never saw the fault, since my unit did occasionally work about 20% of the time. I certainly don’t think they are trying to screw you over, to be fair. They were perfectly fair with me, I think I was just unlucky.

    I’d still be trying a different SD card myself, if I were you. They are not that expensive, and I find they tend to come in use for a variety of other things, such as phone or camera storage.

    If your Mac is reallocating your SD card when you connect it, though, then that’s odd. I use a Mac (I’m typing this on it right now) and I didn’t have any major problems with the card, other than trying to format the card with a different range of allocation unit sizes before recording on it. When you say “the Mac reallocates the size of the card”, what are you seeing happening, and when does this happen?

  6. DCS are trying to help, the only thing that annoys me is that they refuse to refund the postage, even when they told me to post it back because it was faulty and then deny/ refuse to pay the postage. Like you they tell me the unit works fine when they “test” it, but when I use it, with my Mac, it stops working. I have an issue in that they say when it records the green and blue lights alternate, mine just stay on, which to me says its faulty. If they have known problems with Macs then they should have an FAQ on their website and the User Manual should give the consumer some instructions.

    I don’t want to spend anymore money on it, already coughed up £12 in postage, it should work “as described” and if it is a faulty SD card then DCS should offer a replacement. But they refuse. I find it odd that they will refund it but not offer a replacement i.e. they rather lose a customer than keep one. If they are so confident then why not replace it?

    On a Mac you have to use Disk Utility to reformat the card each time I want to erase files (as Mac’s put the deleted files in to a Trash folder on the SD card). When I re-format it automatically allocates a very small unit (32k) for some reason (its all getting beyond my technical knowledge) and consequently the card then fills up and stops recording. So it happens after every re-formatting of the SD card.

    I expected the unit to be more plug and play, its not and whilst DCS are trying to help, I suspect they are aware of this issue but still sell the units anyway without any caveats, FAQ’s or instructions for Mac users, this contravenes the Sale of Goods Act. I do believe they have happy Mac users, but I’m not one of them!!!

  7. They won’t refund the postage until it is proven the unit is faulty, which I believe is reasonable practice. It is odd that they are not offering a replacement, but maybe they think you don’t want a replacement, or maybe they feel that, since the unit is faultless (in their eyes), a replacement unit won’t make any difference, especially if they believe the fault lies with your workstation.

    There’s no problem with the small unit of 32k, and that’s not the reason your card is filling up. Indeed, the smaller the allocation unit, theoretically the longer the card will last. In reality, considering we’re talking about very large video files here, it really won’t make any difference what allocation unit size you use – the card will fill up at the same rate. If you are finding the card is filling up quickly, then the card itself is too small. I use a 32GB SD card in my Contour+.

    Another suggestion is to try playing the videos on a Windows machine. If it works on that, then we’re getting somewhere in terms of finding out what the problem is. Do you know anyone who owns such a machine?

  8. I did ask for a replacement, but they declined; you are right in that they do not see it as faulty and its my Mac that is causing the problems. I called them for phone support (to avoid postage costs) and after explaining the issue the guy said “it’s faulty, please return it”. On that basis they should refund as I felt it could be done over the phone.

    I tried it on an XP machine, but as the camera will not record I cannot prove its working or not. DCS says it has to be Vista or higher, I don’t have that and cannot be bothered to find one. I think it should be plug and play, no upgrades or anything fancy, its not though.

    I use a 4GB card, probably need 8GB, but I only use it to record my commutes (35-40 mins each way) so 4GB is just about enough.

    I am tempted by the Contour, do you like it? DCS says I’ll have the same problem as all small cameras operate the same way.

  9. Their logic about having the same problem with a Contour+ doesn’t seem valid, tbh. What OS is on your Mac? I also can’t understand why they claim it won’t work on XP and will only work on Vista and above. Odd.

    The Contour+ I have is great, no problems with it at all, the picture is fantastic and I deliberately went for one that had a battery you could take out, thus meaning you can take more than one battery with you if you plan to record for more than 2 hours. It’s definitely larger than the Bullet HD Wide, mind you – if the Bullet had worked, it would have been ideal for commuting recording purposes because it’s so small, whereas the Contour cameras are at least double the overall size.

  10. Same issue , for the second time its ruined my hobby and failed to record more than 8 30 second clips , I’m fuming it cant be the SD card if everyone else is having the issue. I upgraded to the R+ but its a pain in the backside

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