DogCam Bullet HD Wide Crashes

I got myself a DogCam Bullet HD Wide a few weeks ago, for use mainly on my road bike. It’s pretty small and attaches very well to my helmet, but alas, it repeatedly crashes when I use it outside. I’ve tried it three times outside now, and each time, it stops recording video at a random point during the recording and the audio changes to a badly tuned radio sound, with massive hissing noises. Totally pointless. I’ve not even taken it anywhere where the terrain is such that it gets knocked around, this has been on roads on a road bike. Not impressed, tbh. I’ll see if I can get a replacement, failing that I’ll chuck it and try something else.

5 thoughts on “DogCam Bullet HD Wide Crashes

  1. Have you contacted dogcam? Surely the camera is still in warranty. I’ve always found their service brilliant

  2. hi, iv’e just bought 2 dogcams (second hand) thay work perfect at the moment, but im missing the lead that goes from the DCS HQR-C2 monitor to my computer, can anyone tell me were i can get one of these leads please, thanks.

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