Marathon? Na.

Went out for another long training run today. Did 17 miles a couple of weeks ago. Was going for 19 today. Got to 11 and just couldn’t be bothered. It wasn’t that I was physically hurting or anything, it was that I finally realised that this is just really, really boring. And I have other things I would rather be doing with my time.

At first, while I walked to the bus stop so I could get back home, I attempted to reconcile whether this was my overall feeling, or whether it was just because my run today hadn’t been particularly enjoyable. And you know what? Overall feeling, it was. I felt immediately happier within 2 minutes of deciding to do something else, because it now means I can do other stuff that I actually want to do, like take my various daughters on bike rides and camping, and start training for triathlons (sprint ones at first).

The triathlon thing looks a lot less boring. For a start, they are much shorter than an entire marathon. Also, you’re doing more than one thing. Finally, I need to learn how to do something I can’t really do yet, which is to swim properly.

So, ultimately, sod this marathon lark. It just isn’t fun to train for and I have other things that interest me more right now. If I get into the New York marathon, things may change, but until then, sod it for the time being.

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