Multiple Garmin Connect Activities On One Map

I’ve posted before about my attempts to get multiple Garmin Connect activities on one map, and how I wrote a Perl script which might make it easier for people to do this for themselves.

About a week ago, I then decided that I’d go one step further and write a web application which anyone could use, so I’ve gone ahead and done it. It’s here:

I now use this instead of my scripts. It seems pretty easy to me, since all you have to do (once you register, which is free and painless and requires no manual action from me to get going) is put in the URL from your Garmin Connect activity, and the web app goes off to download it and stores the plot of your activity. Upload more than one activity, and they all appear on the same amalgamated map.

You can also see individual tracks on the site too, if you want; that’s there mainly to assist you if you want to hide an activity from your main map, for example.

I had a bit of a problem initially with parsing the larger activities; however, that now appears to be resolved – thanks to the assistance of a helpful poster who was able to send huge activities far larger than I’ve managed to do so far.

It’s bound to have things broken in it still, and it’s definitely not finished, so if you want to try it out, please feel free. If you find things broken, or you have ideas for things that would make it better, let me know and I’ll see what I can do. This isn’t meant to compete with the likes of Garmin Connect or Endomondo, mind you – the goal is just to provide a way to see multiple activities all on one map. There’s no point in repeating the same functionality of other sites… why re-invent the wheel, when their wheel is already pretty damn good?

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