Ordnance Survey Get-a-Map Log In Issue

It might just be me, but I can’t manage to log in on the Ordnance Survey Get-a-map site. I’m on a Mac (Snow Leopard) using Google Chrome, and although the login box appears, and the cursor is flashing in the text field boxes, it doesn’t recognise anything when I’m typing; the cursor just sits there flashing as if I’m not typing at all.

It works fine on Firefox, so the workaround isn’t exactly difficult, but I’m starting to wonder whether it’s just my box, or whether this is a generally known issue. Searching on Google doesn’t seem to bring up anyone else with the same problem…

[ added later ]

I have discovered a way to log in using Chrome on a Mac. Although the login box won’t let you type in the fields, it lets you paste in text, so if you copy text from a text editor and paste it in, that works. I know, mental, eh? But if you desperately want to use Chrome on a Mac, this does seem to work.

I blame Silverlight and/or Chrome, not the Get a Map dudes for this oddity.

4 thoughts on “Ordnance Survey Get-a-Map Log In Issue

  1. Did you find a solution to this as I have exactly the same problem on my mac?

  2. The ‘solution’ is as posted in the blog post, which is to copy the text in from a text editor. Not ideal, but I can’t find another way round it.

  3. Same thing happens using windows on a pc. Can’t log in. One way round it (I’m using a mac now) is to go to the right and click on “sign up for a new account”. Top right hand corner of the new window is a sign in button. The boxes in that page work. You have to launch get a map again, But then you can’t use the search dialogue box. Barmy.

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