Garmin 910xt: lap swimming seems a bit better

I’m concentrating on improving my technique and efficiency when learning to do the crawl, rather than just trying to “swim faster”. I am therefore doing some lengths quite slowly, because I’m trying to make sure I’m breathing properly and not stopping. It’s hard going, but today I was in a pool quite early and it was pretty much empty, which allowed me a little more time to try to figure out what to improve. The technique of breathing into the trough and therefore not lifting my head is definitely a winner; I managed it a few times today and it’s amazing how much better it is when you get it right, since you don’t stop, I don’t have arms flailing around in the water when attempting to breathe and I seem to have plenty of time to get a load of air into my lungs. I’m still struggling to do two full lengths though, because I’m still running out of breath by the time I get to the end of the second length and need to stop for a bit, but my technique must be improving as the Garmin Forerunner 910xt only double counted two lengths today, which in comparison to last time is a major improvement. One of the lengths that it did it was not surprising either, as I swallowed a load of water and couldn’t breathe for a bit. So things are looking hopeful.

Might get out for a run tomorrow, if my knee has improved. I knackered it during a warm down after a 15.3 mile run 2 weeks ago, just by walking. Pfft.

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