General status update

I’ve not been posting much about my health for one main reason, that being that it has generally been a lot better of late. I note the irony that I’m posting about it today when I’ve had a bit of a brain fog day, but that’s just a coincidence, honest. The fog didn’t really last long; maybe I just felt tired, like everyone does from time to time.

So why have things been better? Well, clearly there’s absolutely no proof about this reason, but it’s a hell of a coincidence if it is unrelated. Quite simply, I’ve been getting fitter. Initially through running, then I got my new road bicycle, and then I started playing football again.

There’s not a chance I could have played football before I started running in January. My balance problems were not massively bad, but certainly bad enough to prevent me thinking about playing. The running, for some reason, made the balance problems pretty much disappear.

Cycling has also been pretty good and is keeping me fitter in different areas. I’ve started cycling to work again, it’s only 11km and I can get to work faster on my bike than I can in my car.

Football, well I’ve only played about three times in a couple of months because I managed to injure my left knee when playing one day, apparently three people decided to tackle me at once; but if you don’t get out there and try things, then what’s the point of living. I realised that the balance had improved, so decided to try football a shot again, and what do you know, the balance has either improved, or I’ve learnt how to cope with it. To be quite honest with you, I’m 99% sure it’s much improved, rather than learning to cope with it.

Today, brain fog, and I could argue that this is because I’ve not been out running for a few weeks now, since I damaged knee ligaments. Of course, there’s absolutely no proof of this at all, but I figure it’s a possible reason and if, psychologically, I believe that and it makes things better, then that’s good enough for me.

I’m half tempted to stop blogging altogether and remove this thing, but to be honest, I’m also sceptical that this will last forever and having a note of how things have gone over the months/years is probably going to be quite handy. So I’ll leave it as it is for the time being, and if I only post once every 6 months to say “yep, things are the same as before”, then I’ll be totally happy with that.

Cross those fingers for me, if you could.

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