Wireless routers: Netgear WNDR3300 vs Edimax BR-6574n

I’d been having problems with my wireless router for quite some time, like about a year, and I really needed to get a new one. The old router was really quite old, probably about 5 years, and it just needed physically rebooted at least once a day, sometimes up to three times, to get the wireless function to work again, which was quite annoying. I have quite a number of devices throughout the house that use it, so the constant complaints about it from family members was getting to be a right pain.

After much deliberation, I decided to buy a Netgear WNDR3300, which is capable of 802.11n. Not only that, but it also dual band, which seemed cool, although ultimately wasn’t really going to bring me anything extra. What it did do, though, was make it clear to me which of my devices (PC, Xbox etc) was capable of the ‘n’ band, as it basically runs as two separate wireless routers with different names, so when I connected a device to the wireless router, older devices could only connect to the ‘g’ band while the newer ones preferred the ‘n’ band. So this was useful just so that I could see which devices supported ‘n’.

What a bad decision that was.

The problems were made very obvious by the fact that it was dual band – the faster band, the ‘n’ one, worked perfectly. I only have about 2 devices capable of connecting to the ‘n’ band, one being my main desktop, and they all connected no problem to it, and stayed connected to it.

However, the devices which couldn’t connect to the ‘n’ band, which accounted for almost everything else, had the problems. They could all connect to the ‘g’ band fine, but they then disconnected from it within a few minutes, and although they reconnected themselves again within a couple of minutes, then disconnected again. And so on. I know the problem was with the wireless router because I had six separate devices all having the same problem, and it was a wide range of devices, too (multiple PCs, Xbox, PS3, Nokia N97).

So back to the shop it went, and PC World were good enough to just believe me that it needed returned, they didn’t even ask what was wrong with it. Maybe they had seen many coming back before.

Another couple of days research then made me consider a different device. While the Netgear one had been £110, I discovered one by a company called Edimax, model BR-6574n, which was only £50 but supported ‘n’ band. It doesn’t have two bands, but as I say, that wasn’t really bringing me anything; we don’t run video feeds over our connection much, if ever.

So I got this Edimax device and all I can say is that it is one of the best IT purchases ever. It was fairly simple to set up, the instructions did not quite match the questions that the installer ultimately asked, but I guessed at what to do and it was a breeze from then on. It’s been running for many weeks and I’ve only had to restart it once, and even then I’m not sure that it was at fault, because I reckon it might have been the cable modem behind it. It even allows me to set static DHCP leases based on MAC addresses, which is something that no other wireless router has allowed me to do before. I find this handy for reasons that I’ll not bore you with; 99.9% of you won’t need this feature so don’t worry about it.

The bottom line therefore is that if you’re looking for a new wireless router for a broadband connection, then I thoroughly recommend the Edimax BR-6574n.

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  1. My friend, seems, you’ve just been “third time lucky” that is all. Please don’t expect others to be likewise by advising Edimax products. I have bought one (a wireless extended) a month ago and have, after having paid an additional Dhs 75 to the vendor, for configuring the same at home and an agonising one month of several visits by the vendor in Abu Dhabi, had to replace with another equipment, a more POWERFUL router itself (I had asked for Aztech as, Etisalat, our Service Provider , would readily support that, but the vendor “pushed” an Edimax instead – half his shop displays Edmimax products!). This was mid-June’10. It worked alright but guess what? IN a mere 15 DAYS’ time the Internet conked off. A “replacement” under the so called “replacement warranty” will take a MINIMUM 2 weeks I’m told (by which time the fifa world cup would also be over and have to wait for another 4 years!!) Of course the local vendor has also been excellent in the “after sales service”. They have maintained an unblemished track record of not once turning up within even two hours of the committed time and that is, mind you, after several telephone calls reminding, chasing, begging, pleading, imploring…

    So “caveat emptor” i.e. Let the Buyers Beware!

    Yours truly…Someone who cares for Others!

  2. Hi there. Nice review. I’m thinking about the Edimax, but was wondering how you were getting on with using it with the PS3?
    Many thanks,

  3. I’ve not had any problems with the PS3, or indeed any device on my network (Xbox 360, Windows and Linux PCs). Are you having problems with the PS3 yourself?

  4. No problems, no. I have an old Netgear WGR614 and it’s getting a bit flaky and I’m looking to upgrade with a new cable router – the Edimax was one of the units that popped up in my searches and seem to fit the bill. Is the control panel pretty friendly? I had to make a few adjustments to the Netgear to get an open NAT on my PS3? Cheers,

  5. Is the control panel friendly… interesting question. You sound like you’re not a complete n00b with these kind of devices, so I suspect you’ll have absolutely no problem with it at all. I’ve had a few of these in my time and all I would say about the interface is that they have implemented it in a completely different way to other people… it’s not quite as intuitive as other control panels are, but after 5 minutes of mucking around with it, you’ll be fine. As for options, it’s far better than any other device I have; being able to set static DHCP addresses on the router against a MAC address is something that a lot of routers don’t allow, and it has plenty of options beside that.

    I’ll e-mail you the electronic copies of the manuals so you can see what they say about options. Hopefully that’ll answer your NAT question (it’s not something I recall having to do, tbh).

  6. actually i buyed the Edimax BR-6574n, i am a begginer to use it and i am not satisfied one the range it covers… and i think its there to make a change in the advance setting to overcome this problem.. can any one help me ?????
    send the feedback or suggestions to venkatesh25190@gmail.com..
    thanks you all…..

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