Stretching while swimming

Having been away for a week and a half, firstly to London for 3 days and then to Cape Town for the best part of a week, it was good to get back in the pool again today. 70 lengths of a 25m pool was easily the most I’ve swum in one session, which I did in a few seconds over 40 minutes, although there was 30 minutes of stuff on top as I was there with Rebecca who I’m helping to learn the crawl, despite me not knowing it too well myself.

However I made a bit of a breakthrough right at the end with my stroke. I’ve known that the goal is to stretch forward as much as possible as this means you’re pulling the most amount of water and thus going further per stroke, but despite me thinking I was doing this, it turned out I was not. Quite simply, I wasn’t turning my body enough each stroke, and by turning a little more each stroke I was able to both breathe even easier and to reach even further. This made an immediate difference to how fast I was going; when I was expecting to be at a certain point in the pool after 9 strokes, or at best 8, I was there easily with 7. I kept it going and was able to continue repeating it for a few lengths in a row.

This is a definite bonus, because I was starting to wonder whether I’d stop improving at some point, or indeed whether I had already stopped improving, and thus whether I needed to go to a swim coach for further improvements. However, I do still seem to be managing to make my technique better from books and videos and practice, and I’m clearly getting stronger because my torso and pecs are starting to look quite impressive. To someone who is as vain as myself, maybe that’s not a good thing…

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