10 weeks swim status

Looking back at my stats, I realise that I only really started to try to learn to swim properly on 15-Dec-13. The goal I have for 2014 is to do a triathlon, and to do that, I needed to learn to swim. 10 weeks in, things are definitely getting better.

Stats so far are that I’ve only swum 16 times in the 10 weeks. Christmas and going to St Louis have prevented me hitting the full 21 times that I would have wanted to have gone, if I was going twice per week, but missing 5 sessions is not the end of the world. The good thing is that I am making progress.

I’m taking tips from my running training in that I am not just doing the same thing each time I go. Sometimes I will go and do sets of 4 lengths and try to do each set quickly. I’m then knackered at the end of each set, but that’s the point. Other times, I will do long sets of lengths, such as today when I did 10 lengths per set, and thus only did four sets to do my 1km. The time it takes me to do that, in terms of actual swimming time, is longer, because I’m not going as fast, but I am working on having a steady technique.

When I first started swimming back in December, the length of time it took me to do each length fluctuated wildly. Sometimes I’d do a length in 34 seconds, and then two lengths later I’d do a 49 second length, taking many more strokes to do so. Lately, things have been much more even. Today all my lengths were between 11 and 13 strokes (although Garmin Connect claims between 12 and 14, but I know better as I now count them during my swim). Timings have also become a lot more stable, too.

I’m not at the point where I can do 750m in one go. Right now, I need three sets to do that, having 2 rests of a couple of minutes between each set. But considering where I was just 10 weeks ago, it’s a big step forward.

One reasonably cool thing that happened today was to do with how many people were in each lane. When I turned up, there was only one guy in the slow lane, and no-one in the fast lane, so I went in the fast lane. The guy in the slow lane got out reasonably soon, so I was the only person using either lane. Then, by the time I got out, there were five people in the slow lane, and no-one else had come into my lane. When I finished, I watched the 5 of them to see whether I was truly faster than all of them, and I was. Now, I appreciate I’m still pretty slow, but that was a nice wee confidence booster.

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