DHgate: worst purchasing decision, ever

I ordered a cycling shirt through DHgate. I’d not heard of this site before, but this is most likely because it’s not a UK site, although I can’t reliably tell where the site is based. The shirt, ordered on 26-Jan, was to be posted out within 3 days and arrive within 19 days, as it seems to be coming from Hong Kong.

On 12-Feb, I got an email to tell me my item had been shipped. What? Over 2 weeks later, and it’s only just been shipped? WTF? Still, at least it was on its way.

Or so I thought.

Today, 22-Feb, 10 full days later, and I get another mail telling me that “the tracking order has been deleted by the seller”. So they have not posted it out at all. It’s now almost 4 weeks later, and the item, which is still showing as in stock on the DHgate web site, has not been sent out.

It’s fair to say I won’t be using that site again.

One thought on “DHgate: worst purchasing decision, ever

  1. I had an even worse experience … the site sent me some painting… which was not as I had wanted… then when I asked for mediation… they wanted me to ship it back to seller and when the seller confirms the receipt I was told I will get the full refund … and can you believe ? … the seller started sending me threatning messages saying ” even if you send the painting back, we will take a picture that it is broke and will submit to dhgate… you will anyways lose the money” … and even when I shared the pic with DHGATE site, they kept insisting on sending it back …. I thought once the money is lost so why invest more on that site !!

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