Miles Comparison, Week 7

It’s at this point I’m going to struggle to stay ahead of last year.


This week last year I did 90 miles, then the next two weeks I did 95 and 102. This week this year I did 22 miles. There’s a good reason for that, though – I’ve been in St Louis, MO, from Sunday until Friday, and my ability to get out and do any kind of activity was severely limited by two things. Firstly, working 14 hours a day leaves little time to do anything else, while being -17°C (1°F) also made things a bit tricky. Hitting 22 miles was therefore a bit of a miracle, only made possible by cycling to a couple of shops today.

That said, I did go out for a run in St Louis, just a short 4 miler when it had warmed up to a toasty -6°C. I wore my NYC marathon running coat, and bloody hell am I glad I did. However, it appears no-one really walks anywhere, and the pavements (sidewalks…) were not cleared at all, so I had to run round a dual carriageway ring road on the inside lane of the road. One car blasted their horn at me, but quite frankly I’m not sure what they expected me to do.

It’s at this point where I start wondering whether I’ll be able to compete with the miles I did last year. I look at the numbers later on from around week 19 and I’m thinking there’s no chance I’ll be able to hit over 100 miles. However, I am forgetting the fact that it is bloody freezing in Scotland right now, and by week 19, we’ll be in May and it will be both much warmer, and a hell of a lot lighter, giving ample opportunity to get out on the bike.

Also, we’re not far away from the 6 week stretch where I basically didn’t do anything at all, when I totally broke myself. That 6 weeks, I only rode 42 miles in total, including 4 weeks of zero miles, so I should be able to get well ahead. I’m currently only 68 miles ahead, and unless the weather starts to improve, I might not be ahead at all in a couple of weeks time.

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