Breathing is getting easier

My breathing when I’m swimming is definitely getting easier. The past couple of weeks at least, I’ve been getting out of the pool with parts of my body feeling a light bit achey. Not necessarily sore, but they definitely feel like they have been working out. This didn’t used to happen. I think this is largely because I wasn’t working my body hard enough because I couldn’t swim for long enough without running out of breath. But now, I seem to have figured out how to breathe, at least to my right hand side, such that I can keep going for longer periods of time.

Today’s swim was a good example of this. I did about 5 sets of 8 lengths, but at the end of the 8th one, I decided I didn’t want to stop, so I did another couple. I was at that point going to get out of the pool, but didn’t because I felt like I wanted to try to embed some techniques that I have been working on a little more. I suspect I didn’t manage that, but still, another 46 lengths of a 25m pool, and it didn’t feel too bad.

I’m getting there, slowly.

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