Getting your spare wheel off a Renault Scenic Grand

I had my first puncture in my Renault Scenic Grand yesterday, and I tell you one thing for free; changing the wheel wasn’t easy.

I’d always wondered how I should get the spare wheel off it. Now, any of you who have the same car might be confused about this, because the car doesn’t come with a spare wheel. However, mine did as I paid £100 quid for one. Yes, a hundred bucks for the shittest spare wheel I’ve ever seen. I don’t recommend it. But if you did, you might wonder how to get the bastard off your car.

Well, here’s how. It took me around an hour. You need to go in to your boot, and raise the right seat upright all the way. You’re faced with a carpet. I phoned the garage I bought it from to ask how to get the wheel detached from the car, and the guy said that there was a “black shank about the size of a 2 pound coin” that I needed to unscrew. I decided to not let him know that I did not know what a blank shank was and simply looked for anything that wasn’t carpet. But there wasn’t any. Eventually, I searched around the carpet to see if it would lift up and discovered that there was one tiny, well concealed, flap which lifted up to reveal… no, not a black shank, but a black piece of rubber. I removed it to reveal a gold nut the size of a penny. So nothing like what he said it would look like.

Off and running, I thought. Loosen it a touch and I’ll get the wheel. But no. The wheel was attached to the car by a piece of string, which went through the wheel and was secured by a piece of metal in a T shape. I didn’t know how to get it off this piece of string. I considered that I might have to attach it to the car with the string attached, but it didn’t seem possible. After much fiddling, I found out that you can twist the top bar of the T so fit the bolt out. Then you need to rewind the string back up in to the car. How, erm, jolly.

Then all I had to do was remove the wheel. That wasn’t easy. It just wouldn’t budge at all. I gave up and gave it a good kicking which actually did the trick. So if it doesn’t just fall off in your hands, you really need to give it a right good fucking wedge before it’ll move. Ladies, you might need to call your breakdown service here, and I’m not kidding, I was close to doing it.

So, if you have the same car, I suggest you practice getting the wheels off and on before you have a flat. 1 hour and 50 minutes in total to change a wheel? Ridiculous.

Oh – one final thing. £127 to change the tire at Kwik-Fit. I could have got 4 of them for my old Ford Fiesta.