Injury #1 of 2014: Dislocated Thumb

I made it to the 21st day of the year before injuring myself this year – an improvement of 6 days over last year. Today, I managed to dislocate my thumb merely by attempting to put my brake light in its clip before riding home. IMG_3686 This was quite pathetic really, since the guy standing beside me unlocking his bike will have been none the wiser to what happened, as I masked the sudden need to throw up while putting it back in its socket quite well. Cycling home was pretty sore, and I bandaged it up upon my return, mainly to prevent myself from accidentally using it.

My thumbs are not, in fairness, the strongest part of my body. I have broken them both and dislocated at least one of them (possibly both, I can’t now recall, but I suspect I have), and they are therefore the most likely to damage from standard activities, such as putting a rear brake light in its clip. Need to take more care when doing such risky procedures in future.

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