Miles Comparison

Last year, I came pretty close to doing 4000 miles in terms of running, cycling, walking and swimming, in that I made it to 3935 miles. This year, I’m going to try to beat that, which shouldn’t be too difficult so long as I don’t injure myself like I did last year. That said, this year I am concentrating more on learning to swim for the first few weeks or months, which clearly doesn’t put a lot of miles in the tank, but I am also going to be doing more cycling this year since I don’t have a marathon to train for.

This year, I’m 3 weeks in and I’ve edged ahead of last year’s weekly totals:


After week 2, I was about 12 miles down, but after week 3 I am 24 miles up, mainly because last year I must’ve not cycled as much during that week. It should be pretty close until week 10, when I stopped doing any exercise due to the crash, at which point I should shoot well ahead in the miles count.

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