Rebuilding the Red Viking Clubmaster

About 6 months ago, I bought a Red Viking Clubmaster. The idea was to use it as a practice frame for when I was wanting to upgrade bits on my commuter bike, but that never ended up happening, mainly because I was too busy with other stuff. However, with the marathon and Christmas over, even though I have other plans for 2014, such as learning to swim properly and then doing some triathlons, I also want to upgrade my commuter so that it runs the Shimano Tiagra groupset.

The main reason for the upgrade is to move to a double chainset, rather than the current triple. The triple is just a massive ballache to maintain, and I rarely bother to change the chainring when I am riding, because it doesn’t shift well unless it is in the middle chainring. Upgrading away from the bottom of the range 2300 groupset, and going for a double, will hopefully resolve that.

It’s not going to be cheap, though. I have an entire bike to practice on, although it’s not perfect. The wheels, for example, will be thrown away as they have a freewheel rather than a freehub. And the seat looks too comfy. But the frame, fork and bars should be ok to go with.

Therefore, the full kit list I think that I need to build this bike up to being useable is:

Item £ Shop Priority
4600 10 Speed Chainset 46.99 Ribble A
10 Speed 4601 Tiagra Chain 14.80 Ribble A
10 Speed Tiagra 4600 Cassette 15.99 Ribble A
STI Levers Tiagra 4600/4603 10 Speed with cables 109.99 Ribble A
4600 10 Speed Double Front Derailleur Clip-on 28.6/31.8mm 19.32 Ribble A
4600 10 Speed Rear Derailleur Short 23.99 Ribble A
4600 BB Cups (34/35/4500 double/triple) British 8.79 Ribble A
Shimano R501 Bladed Spoke Clincher Wheels Pair 73.95 Ribble B
Continental Gatorskin 25 Twin Pack inc Tubes 54.36 Ribble B
Fizik Arione Wingflex Manganese 49.99 Merlin C
TOTAL 418.17

Priority A items are the groupset, B is the wheels and C I totally don’t need, but it would be nice to have a decent seat on the bike.

The plan is to rebuild this bike with the kit above, then once I’m comfortable with how to attach it and get it working smoothly, spend a day taking the groupset off and putting it on the commuter. Alternatively, another approach would be to purchase another Tiagra groupset and leave the Red Viking alone. That would have the advantage of having a useable road bike in case I run into trouble setting up the commuter with the groupset, but the obvious disadvantage of costing another £280, because I’d have to get the above groupset plus brake calipers, which I don’t need on my commuter since I already have Tiagra brake calipers on it.

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