Breathing wasn’t so easy today

I’m not entirely sure why today’s swim didn’t go so well, but the one thing that I struggled with today more than the last couple of times was breathing. I was repeatedly running out of breath today when I was not yet at four lengths, unlike the last couple of times when breathing seemed to be quite easy. I’m not sure whether I was trying too hard; I think I might have been. This wasn’t overly obvious from the length times, and maybe that’s a good thing, because maybe it does show me that trying harder isn’t the key, and instead sorting out my technique so that I am not using a lot of effort, but having plenty of time to breathe, is more important.

So all in all, not the most confidence inspiring swim this time. Maybe that’s not a bad thing; the last couple of times appeared to be so “easy” that I was having visions of swimming 30 lengths without stopping today. So a wee kick in the nads isn’t such a bad thing, if it stops me getting carried away.

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