Cassette Removal Tool, and Missing the Obvious

I’ve changed my chain and cassette on my commuter a couple of times before, so when I went to do it today, I wasn’t unduly worried. However, the cassette was well and truly stuck, and I always have a problem keeping the cassette removal tool from falling out, especially when I need to have the wheel upright so that I can get as much weight behind the spanner as I possibly can. The cassette removal tool tends to just fall out, mainly because it doesn’t really go very far into the splines:

photo 1

While struggling with the thing today, I wondered whether there was a simple way to keep it in. I considered zip ties before realising the obvious:

photo 2 (1)

Yep, you use your quick release skewer to lock the bastard in. How ridiculously obvious. D’oh!

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