Another positive swimming experience

After Sunday’s swim, which went much better than any other swim in my life, I wanted to get back for another swim to see whether it was just luck, or whether I might actually be starting to get the hang of it. Either I’m now very lucky, or I might be starting to get the hang of it.

Today, I swam 750m, which I think might be the longest I’ve swam in a single session. I recognise this is not a long distance, and I didn’t do it all at once, but you have to start somewhere. This swim did have a number of major positives.

  1. I did sets of 4 lengths at a time
  2. The last set was 6 lengths
  3. I concentrated on my technique, not my speed
  4. I didn’t have any problems breathing, including when I half choked on some water; I was able to clear my throat and carry on
  5. I didn’t feel too knackered at the end of each set
  6. At the end of the last set, which was 6 lengths, not only could I have continued swimming more lengths without stopping, I actually felt sad that it was time to stop

That last point is pretty major for me. I usually can’t wait to get out of the pool. Today, I felt comfortable the whole time, and a couple of times when I was feeling a bit tired, I slowed down, and it became easy again.

Now, the main issue I have right now is I’m pitifully slow. I’ll be doing 25m lengths anywhere between 35 and 50 seconds, and I’m slowing down during a set. However, I’ve recognised that in the grand scheme of things, I need to sort out some form of technique, and not worry about speed. And I know my technique is getting better – today, for the first time ever, my Garmin Forerunner 910xt did not double count any laps. This happens normally when I swim, because my technique isn’t great, and I’ll occasionally half-drown during a length, and it’ll double count that length. Today, that never happened. Win.

Once I have technique vaguely under control, the speed will either come, or I can concentrate on going a bit faster. Right now, I couldn’t give a flying fuck if I’m not going very fast, I merely want to be able to swim 750m without stopping. Today, I stopped 6 times, so the goal is to try to do 750m stopping less; maybe next time, I should do sets of 5 lengths, and do 6 of them, which will involve stopping 5 times in total. Yeah, that seems fair enough. Goal set for next time.

Man alive, I didn’t think I’d see the day when I was looking forward to the next time I was in the swimming pool.

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