If I’m going to Tri, I need to swim

Swimming has continued to be something I’ve struggled to get into. After the marathon, swimming was the next thing to do if I’m going to do a triathlon. But then 3 weeks ago, when I went swimming, I felt totally awful the moment I got out of the pool. I struggled to get home, then had to lie down for about 20 minutes, because my head was swimming (sic).

The wife got me some swimming ear plugs yesterday, however, and that gave me the final nudge to get back in the pool this morning. What a difference. Maybe it was psychological, but I don’t think it was; these things kept the water out of my ears, didn’t cause my hearing to be affected (not sure I understand how, but anyway…), and my head felt 100% all the time. It was amazing.

I’m following the Total Immersion techniques by Terry Laughlin. The main advantage for me with the 3 DVDs and the book I’ve bought is that it’s giving me a clue about what I’m supposed to be doing when I’m swimming, in various ways. For example, basics such as where to get the power from, and how to breathe; simple stuff like that. And today, I felt like I was cruising along without much effort and without much problem breathing. I’m not suggesting that I’m the finished article, hell I’ve now only been three times since I got the book and DVDs, but I felt a lot more confident in what I was trying to do today than ever before.

Also, the Garmin 910xt only double counted 2 of the 24 lengths I did today, so I figure my technique must be a bit better.

So, ear plugs and having a clue what I’m supposed to be doing – a good start. I doubt it’ll be 3 weeks before I’m next in the pool.

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