1 Week To Go

Yeah, I’m a day early.

So I went through about 11 days of not knowing whether I was going to be ok for the marathon, up until Thursday of this week, when I went, as advised last week by the running shop, to see a physio. He took the history of my health and injury, then had me doing a bunch of things like standing on my toes and hopping on one foot, all of which was quite comical because, let’s face it, my balance is pretty pish because of the MS. However, he was quite happy with things at this point, and said he thought this was good news.

He then got me to lie on the bed and he went to work trying to find the pain. Now, I couldn’t pinpoint whether there was a specific area that was sore, I just couldn’t find anything. He did. At this point, he said he thought it was a 5th metatarsal edema. And then quickly followed this up by saying that this was a typical injury when runners are going longer and longer, because although the body is getting stronger, at times it’ll break down a little bit and there will be inflamation, but what I’d done in terms of resting it was good. He suggested I should put ice packs on it 3 or 4 times a day, for 20 minutes at a time, to aid the recovery, which I was initially confused about because I thought there was little point doing this after a couple of days of sustaining the injury, but he reckons I should do it daily, up to the marathon.

And then he had me on a treadmill. I was concerned about this because I assumed it was going to be sore, just like when I tried to run last Sunday. However, after all of 3 seconds, I realised that it was all going to be ok. I’m not suggesting it was pain free, but it was the kind of soreness that goes away once you’ve warmed up, rather than sharp pains which I was getting the previous week.

View of the BridgesWhat a relief.

So in summary, the physio said there was no reason I shouldn’t be able to do the marathon, and said I should get back on my bike immediately to keep my cardio levels up. I’d stopped riding the bike this week because I was concerned that I was making things worse, but I got it back out on Friday to head to work, and this morning went on a fairly short 30 mile loop to get the cardio going. Chest feels awesome.

I might even try a short run in a couple of days, just to keep the legs remembering how to run. But I will be listening closely to my foot and stopping if there’s any sign of pain.

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