Let’s try to stay positive

Well, the past few hours I’ve been trying to stay a bit more positive about the current injury issue, the main thing being heading to the local running shop to see what they thought about the situation. Two main things:

  1. After describing the training I’ve been doing and the issue I have with my feet, I basically wanted to ask whether they thought it would be a real disaster if, for example, I didn’t run at all until the marathon, or whether that would make running the marathon pretty much impossible. Surprisingly, I got a positive response, far more positive than I thought would be the case, as the guy told me that he’d seen many people in my position, and considering the amount of training I’ve managed to do, he didn’t see it being a problem. That make me feel a lot better. He did recommend I went to a physio just to check out my foot injury just to make sure it’s nothing serious, and while I’m not wanting to not run at all until the marathon, at least I have the peace of mind that, if I remain injured for the next week and basically don’t really get out again, it’s not the end of the world. The marathon is still possible.
  2. I then went to a shoe shop (normal shoe shop, rather than a running shop) and bought myself a replacement pair of Merrell shoes. The last pair are, tbh, totally worn away because I’ve worn them to death. £90 later and I have a pair of shoes that actually feel like they have proper support, other than my running shoes. Win.

So ultimately, I’m feeling a little better about things. I shall attempt to get an appointment with the physio and see whether they think I’ve got a serious problem on my hands. I’m hopeful I don’t, because it’s not sore unless I try to run on it, and the running shop dude basically said that rest is by far the best policy, so I’m now more glad than ever that I didn’t continue running this morning. I think I might just park the bike for the next fortnight too, just to give the foot plenty of ability to recover.

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