2 Weeks To Go

The situation could be worse, but not by a lot. The left foot is indeed injured. During the week, I decided to skip the Tuesday night run since I could feel it was still a bit sore while walking around, then I skipped the Thursday night run for the same reason, deciding to just wait until Sunday. One week without running wouldn’t hurt, right? So today, Sunday, I go out for a run, and I get about 200 metres from the house and I have to stop. Shooting pains on the outside of my left foot with each step. These are not the kind of pains that are background issues which disappear after a few hundred metres of warming your foot up; this is shooting pains that I’m fairly sure would do damage to my foot if I were to keep running on it.

Now, it’s possible that continuing to run today might have been possible, that warming up my foot would have made it easier to run on it. But my major concern is that by doing that, I merely injure my foot further, making it harder to run next week and thereafter the same the following week, which is the marathon. So I decided to abort the run immediately, and come back home.

It’s pretty depressing, obviously, because I’m now having to consider the very real possibility that I won’t be able to run the marathon now.

One thing I think I will do with immediate effect is to stop cycling. I cycle to work 5 days a week, mounting up close to 70 miles each week, but I suspect that the pedalling might be preventing my foot from getting better. I honestly have no idea, but back in August when I was injured for the full month, I kept cycling to keep the fitness levels up. Now, with 2 weeks to go, I figure that I’m not going to lose that much fitness, so if I don’t cycle, but my foot can get better, then that’s a good trade-off. It’s difficult right now to know what the right decision is, though.

At least I can cancel right up to the day before the marathon when I’m in New York, to at the very least be able to run again next year; then all I have is the logistical issues of going with someone, since I can’t really justify taking the kids out of school again, like we’re doing this year.

The only other thing I can think of doing is heading back to the running shop to see if they have any opinions. The running shoes I got at the end of August definitely feel like they have helped, but my left foot has never fully recovered, so I’ll see whether they have any thoughts about what to do. I don’t think changing shoes is the way to go, but maybe they will suggest something else I could be doing to increase my chances of managing to do the run. Chances seem slim right now.

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