A Better Running Week

This week has definitely been better for running. I did about 7 miles twice during the week, and the 2nd time, on Friday, I actually enjoyed it. This was the first time I’d enjoyed running since my injury lay-off, therefore meaning the first time I’d enjoyed a run since July, and it’s the end of September. So that’s good. Today, I’ve so far done 12 miles cycling, 11 miles running and 3 miles walking, so that’s not too bad for a “short run” week. And better still is that my feet did not feel sore at all on Friday or today, while running. My ankle is a touch sore right now, but it only started to get sore when I was walking to the shops, so I’ve got a bit of ice on it just now to get it to recover quicker, but the previous pains I had in my feet did not bother me. This is a relief.

Now I just have to hope that this ankle pain isn’t serious.

The blood blister ended up bursting a couple of days after it appeared, much to the wife’s delight, as she was then able to watch me squeeze all the crap out of it. Yep, it was as disgusting as it sounds.

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