20 miles

As previously mentioned in about a bazillion posts, August was a write-off for running as I had numerous injuries. But September is going better.

The new shoes are definitely helping; ASICS GT-2000 ftw. The pain in the side of my left foot is long gone, and even the metatarsal issue on my 4th toe on my left foot doesn’t stop me running, as it stops being a niggle once it has warmed up.

So, after the injury lay-off, the last three weeks has seen three runs per week, where I was building up the distances again, seeing as how I’d been unable to run for so long. In miles, each week was:

  1. 3, 6 and 10
  2. 6, 2.5 and 16
  3. 7, 7 and 20

Week 3, as you can tell, was a serious ramping up on miles. And holy crap, I’m feeling it now, a couple of hours after the completion of that 20 mile run. But hey – I managed it, and it wasn’t easy, as I was not in the mood for running today, made clear to me by my body within 400 metres of leaving my house, so getting to the end was a major psychological win.

A few more long runs should hopefully mean I can get to 20 miles without wanting to die, and thus meaning I can get the extra 6.2 done on 03-Nov-13.

That all said, check out what the run did to my toe. Apologies in advance.

Blood Blister

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