One weekend, three injuries

I think I’ve excelled myself this weekend, with three separate injuries. Two are, I’m fairly sure, quite minor, mind you.

Injury number one – cycling home at the end of the week, actually now I think about it, this was Thursday evening, so I’m stretching the definition of “weekend” here. But anyway, the weather was foul (not as bad as today though, the first day of the Tour of Britain and I’m pretty sure Wiggo wasn’t pleased to be in Peebles) and I think I was hunched up quite a bit to protect myself from the wind and rain. So later that evening, I discovered that my neck was stiff, and I struggled to get comfy that night in bed. It’s still that way today. I can barely move my head left or right. I’m such a softy.

Injury number two – running 16 miles on Saturday morning, and the 4th toe on my left foot gets a touch sore during the run, and continues to get more sore during the day. It’s not so bad today though, so hopefully it’ll wear off before I go out again either tomorrow evening, or Tuesday evening.

Injury number three – potential broken finger. This was a classic – I’m swimming at the Commie and as I’m coming to the end of a length, while practicing the new Total Immersion techniques that I’ve been reading about in the past few days, I punch the handrail at the side of the pool because I’m too close to the side. Rather than punching it like I’m Floyd Mayweather, however, I punch it with the proximal phalanx on my first finger. It’s quite sore. But, to be honest, I’ve been in hospital too many times this year, so rather than head in again today, I figure I may as well wait and see how it is in the morning. After all, I went 6 days with a broken wrist before heading into hospital, so… well, that’s justification in my book.

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