If I manage to do the marathon…

If things continue to improve, and I no longer have any crippling injuries that prevent me attempting and finishing the marathon, I will be back on to thoughts of doing a triathlon. I have to admit, a standard triathlon isn’t the goal I’m aiming for. Clearly, an Olympic distance one will be a good first step, but a half ironman would be the main goal, and if I can do that, then you never know, maybe a full ironman after that, if the body and mind hold up.

To which end, I need to learn to swim properly, and I’ve not been for ages. Tim Ferriss has an article on swimming which repeats a lot of things that a couple of guys at my work have said about swimming, so I might start some light reading of the books/DVDs he’s referred to while I’m preparing for this marathon, ’cause I’d like to hit the ground running after the marathon is over, rather than let things slide and get out of shape.

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