On the road to recovery?

After my repeated foot / ankle injuries during August, September appears to be going better. I have been out for 2 runs this week so far, both very short (5km, 10km), to get my feet back into the routine of running. So far, my feet and ankle feel nice and solid. I don’t know whether running 14 miles straight after a long injury lay-off was the cause of my 2nd injury, but I’m basically out of time now and can’t risk further injuries. Therefore, the plan is to slowly get back up to full distance training again relatively gradually.

This week therefore has/will see runs of 5km, 10km and 16km. Next week, I’ll likely do another couple of 10km runs during the week, followed by a 16 mile (26km) run at the weekend. That’ll take place with 7 weeks to go to the marathon. Currently, I am thinking about then doing a 20 mile run on week 6, then doing 20 on week 4 and 22 on week 3, after which I’ll start to taper.

Alternatively, I might do the 20 on week 4 and 22 on week 2. This wouldn’t be ideal in terms of standard marathon training, because all the guides tell you to start tapering down ideally 4 weeks before, but 3 weeks before at least. Tapering down from 2 weeks to go therefore is not what I want to do, but considering August was wrecked by injury, I’m no longer aiming for a sub 4 hour time. I might feel spent when it’s time for the long run on week 3, and need to wait another week to go long again. But if I’ve learnt anything during August, it’s to not plan too far ahead, because you don’t know what is around the corner.

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