Endomondo Breaks Garmin Uploads Again

About a week ago, Endomondo managed to release an update to their web site which totally broke uploads from Garmin devices. Thankfully, they fixed it quickly; I noticed it broken one day, raised a support ticket, and it was fixed within 24 hours. It’s probable that they took longer than 24 hours to fix it, as I don’t think I spotted it immediately, but still, it’s fixed.

Now, however, they have released a new “feature” which allows you to specify what type of activity (running, cycling, swimming, hiking etc) you are uploading. Previously, Endomondo’s site would determine what the activity was from the Garmin, since my Garmin devices are able to specify what it was I was doing. For example, Garmin Edge 800 is cycling all the time, while Garmin Forerunner 910xt is a triathlon watch, and you can tell your watch what it is you’re doing when you are doing it. This was previously used by Endomondo’s site when uploading activities.

Not any more. I tend to upload many activities at a time, and they now all default to running, despite me stating in my preferences that cycling is my most common activity. Not only that, but the UI to change the activity from running to something else is atrocious if you want to do it with any kind of speed; it is truly painful.

I’m not entirely sure what it is Endomondo are playing at here – there must be some kind of advantage somewhere in their system that they think they have offered to their users. However, I’m a fee-paying premium user, and they’ve totally shafted their site as far as I’m concerned.

Sort it out, Endomondo, or you’re going to lose paying customers, fast.

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