Left foot – is it my shoe?

Last night, I postulated to the wife that the problem with my left foot might either be caused by, or is potentially not being helped by, my normal shoes that I wear day to day. The pain I now get in my left foot seems to be happening when I’m wearing a pair of Merrell walking shoes. Now, don’t get me wrong, these shoes are potentially the best shoes I’ve ever purchased, so much so that I have worn them every single day for probably about 3 years now. Worn Merrell ShoesThey are ace. However, I walk a fair amount each day, partially due to having dogs to walk, so they have done a significant number of miles, and the soles are looking decidedly worn.

So when it occurred to me last night that the pains seem to be happening when I wear these shoes, it was like a little light going on over my head. I could be wrong, of course, but this morning I went for a cycle (wearing cycling shoes) into a ludicrously strong headwind which was putting pressure on my foot, and then I put on my running shoes as soon as I got home, and my foot has felt a lot better than it normally would have done.

Yesterday, I took the dogs on a long walk in my worn Merrells, and although my foot didn’t feel as bad as it has done during the week while I was out, it felt just as sore when I got back – acute pains in the side of my foot. So I’m now going to wear my running shoes instead of the Merrells and see what happens.

It would be nice to be injury free; the marathon is 9 weeks away. And I appreciate that this is merely guess work and I could be completely wrong, but it helps the psyche to feel that I am doing something to try to resolve these injuries.

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