Front derailleur maintenance

I’m getting to the point with bicycle maintenance these days where I’m not quite so scared to give something a go. This evening, it was the turn of the front mech, aka derailleur.

The main problem I’ve had with it lately has been the fact that when I go in the big ring, I can’t get back to the middle ring without having to double shift to the granny ring, then back up to the middle ring, and then feather it a lot to get it to stop rubbing. So I’ve been sitting in the middle ring for many weeks. Not the end of the world, but if you have more than one chainring, you really do want to use them.

Once again, I managed to not quite pay attention to how the cable was situated before I took it out. I was confused by a kink in the cable once it was out and wasted about half an hour trying to put it in completely the wrong way. So once again, the lesson there is to pay attention when taking it to bits.

I’ve now got it smoothly changing from big to middle chainring, I’m glad to say. However, when in the big ring, I then can’t change gears perfectly on my rear mech; it sometimes sticks or jumps two rings. If I get it working smoothly when on the big ring, then I have the same problem with I’m in the middle ring. So I’ve got it working smooth in the middle ring since that is the one I’m likely to be in the most.

I’m now getting very close to getting a Tiagra groupset to replace the Shimano 2300 that came with the bike. I suspect that the problems are mainly that the groupset on the bike is just too crap to allow me to get in all the gears properly, and needs replaced with something newer, and better. I’ll need to start saving the pennies though, it’s going to cost close to £300 for the parts, and I’m highly likely to get the LBS to fit it all for me, because tbh that’s a lot of kit, and I’d rather they put it on right than me spend weeks getting it wrong constantly. Maybe next time I upgrade, I’ll have elevated myself to bike mechanic standards good enough to do it.

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