Foot recovery possible

Went out for a short run last night. I say run, but it was definitely a jog. 9 minute miles, and only 3 of them. But I wanted to test out my foot to see how it was doing, first to see whether I could run at all, and secondly to see how my foot reacted the next day. So far so good. I did the run, it felt slightly odd but at no point was it actually painful. Indeed, it felt quite strong, I was able to do more than just carefully place my foot down each step, and was able to do things that a week ago I couldn’t do when walking, such as twist and push off. So that’s good.

However, 10 minutes before I went out, I had a sore throat start. There’s been a mini-flu going round work lately, I say mini because it doesn’t last too long, seems to hit people for between 1 and 3 days. This morning, it was hitting me, so I went straight back to bed. Seems to have helped; throat not feeling too good still, but I do feel a lot better than I did 10 hours ago.

It seems training for this marathon, which 3 weeks ago was looking massively ahead of schedule, is taking a bit of a hit to say the least. However, that’s why I was massively ahead of schedule, after all. If, with 14 weeks to go, I was only running 12 miles as my long run, I’d be in deep shit right now. But I ran 19 miles 3 weeks ago, and while I certainly won’t be able to do that again this weekend, I still have 10 weeks to go to the race, therefore a good 6 weeks to get up to 20 mile distances in training.

First things first though, need to shift this mini-flu.

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