Finally, some improvement with the foot

In the past 4 days, my injured right foot has finally started to improve. This is pretty much on schedule with what I was expecting, based on when I injured my shoulder back in March, as it was 2 weeks of basically no improvement at all, followed by slow improvement over a few days. Today, my foot feels pretty damned good. So good, in fact, that I might even try to go for a short run tomorrow. However, there’s no chance I’m going to risk a long run, which is what I usually do on a Sunday. Instead, I’m going for a 53 mile cycle in the morning instead, since that doesn’t seem to hurt; or at least, if it does hurt, it hurts very slightly, and only when I’m going uphill, and even then I can just turn my foot so it is pointing forwards a little more than normal and there’s no pain any more.

So I’m hoping, come Tuesday (if not tomorrow), that I’ll be back running again.

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