Strava KOM Without Trying

Got back from a spin on the bike to discover I’d set 2 Strava KOMs. The first one I tried to get, and thought I’d missed out because it’s quite short, and both a bike and a pedestrian pulled out into the road unexpectedly, making me swerve and slow down both times. Somehow I still destroyed the previous best by 3 seconds.

The second KOM was a real surprise though, as I didn’t know about the segment, and thus wasn’t trying to set it. It took a few minutes to determine whether I should feel good about this – I hadn’t tried to set it, so what was the achievement? But it then dawned on me that setting a KOM without trying is surely better than if you’re going flat out to set it, because in reality I can therefore go even faster on the segment if/when someone does beat my time, and others were no doubt going flat out when they set their times.

So the moral of the story is to try to set KOMs without trying to. Somehow, I doubt this is going to be a regular occurrence for me.

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