Yksion Pro Griplink / Powerlink

My Cervélo has a pair of Mavic Ksyrium Elite S wheels, which came with a pair of Yksion Pro Griplink / Powerlink tyres. Got my first puncture with them yesterday, a tiny piece of stone which somehow managed to penetrate the tube. Upon removing the back tyre for the first time to replace the tube, I discovered that the tyre is about the thickness of a piece of paper. OK, I’m not being entirely serious there, but in comparison to the Conti Gatorskins I have on my commuter, they are unbelievably thin. I’ve broken both my thumbs and thus have little strength in them in comparison to your average Joe, but I can get these tyres on the wheels without levers with no difficulty at all.

Therefore, I’ve ordered some Conti GP 4000s to replace them. Maybe they’ll be as thin and puncture with little more than a sliver of butter, but the reviews suggest they are pretty good. Time will tell.

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