Status: Running the NYC Marathon 2013

Overall, things are going well in my preparation for the NYC Marathon 2013. The race is 13 weeks tomorrow, and last Sunday, I ran over 19 miles, ending it with a sprint finish. Before that, I managed to do two 17 mile runs in consecutive Sundays, the second of which was a bit easier than the week before. These three runs have put to rest the psychological issue I had with getting past 16 miles which I have had in the past.

The 19+ mile run itself was run in a day of torrential rain. By the time I got back home, my clothes were so saturated with water, that when I took them off and put them in a pile and then lifted said pile of soggy clothing, the weight was quite incredible. So not only did I beat my PB on distance, I did it when carrying around numerous pounds of extra weight.

Aside from that, my midweek runs have also been pretty useful. My normal time for doing 10km was around 53 minutes, with my PB being just under 52. I have now repeatedly destroyed that, with my PB for 10km now down to 48:22. My PB for 5km was around 26 minutes, and that is now down to 22:23. So, some significant reductions there. My goal now for 10km is to try to get down to 45 minutes. This seemed impossible a few weeks ago, and while it still looks like a far-off goal right now, it now at least seems vaguely possible.

The only down-side to the running, aside from the black toenails, is that I am now injured, following Tuesday’s 10km PB. Midway through that run, I started to get sharp pains in the top of my foot, I couldn’t figure out whether it was my foot or my ankle, but whatever it was, it was sharp pain. So much so, I couldn’t push off on my right foot any more, so ran the last half with one foot. And still got a PB. However, when I went to go for a run on Thursday, I didn’t even get out of the house, because the very first trial step I took in the kitchen sent shooting pains into my foot, so I’m now currently on the injured list and giving it some rest.

This was part of the plan for this weekend anyway, as it happens, because I’m going on a short (24 mile) cycle ride with my eldest daughter tomorrow. Hopefully by the time the middle of next week rolls around, my foot will be recovered enough to go out running again. If it isn’t, it’s not the end of the world; I’m around 8 weeks ahead of schedule in my running training, so I can afford things to slip a little. Here’s hoping it is a little, not a lot.

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