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I took a ride out to Fife again today, but instead of stopping at Inverkeithing, I went to Cupar, from where I took the train home. I had my route all planned out using the Garmin Connect web site, and it was uploaded to my Garmin Edge 800. However, some of the cycle paths turned out to not be suitable for the bike I was riding, which is a road bike. I ended up giving up on one of the paths because it was so slow. Therefore, mainly so I remember myself in the future which bits to avoid and what I should have done, I’m making note of them here.

Planned RouteThe main parts of the route that were troublesome are visible in this image, which is of the planned route, not what I actually did. Click the image to see the full sized version.

Now, I will tell you what I will do next time – I’ll take the A921 from Inverkeithing, all the way to Kirkcaldy. Yes, that’s a fairly fast road with cars on it, but the time it took on the cycle path was ridiculous.

First, Dalgety Bay. The cycle route at first was ok, nice wide paths and it was obvious where to go. That is, until you get to the street called “The Bridges”, where I went the wrong way. However, that was quickly resolved as the Edge bleats loudly at you when you make a wrong turn. Up to Moray Way, bit of a climb, but still fine, and then you travel north to get to the ironically named Moray Way South (ironic, in that it is north of Moray Way, albeit south of Moray Way North; a lack of future planning, perhaps?). At the roundabout, you turn right and then go on a massive detour to get to a cycle path that runs parallel with Moray Way South, but is not suitable for a road bike. Some bits were ok, lots of bits were not. However, the rest of the route up to Aberdour was good, so maybe you sacrifice some speed for a safer ride.

Once in Aberdour, if you are following cycle routes, you don’t stay on the main road for long before turning right and taking another cycle path, as shown here:

Planned: Aberdour to Burntisland

Planned: Aberdour to Burntisland

Big mistake. While the previous one out of Dalgety Bay is touch and go as to whether you take it, the one going east from Aberdour is absolutely to be avoided. It got really bad at a point where you have to go through a small tunnel under what I can only assume to be the railway line. It was a mud-pit at this point – and this was at a dry period in Scotland! I got halfway to Burntisland and decided enough was enough. This path is just shocking; maybe if you are on a MTB you would prefer it, but if you’re on a roadie, do not take this path from Aberdour to Burntisland, just stay on the A921 instead. Here’s what I did instead, and you can see the point halfway where I abandoned the path as it’s where I doubled back on myself to get up to the road:

Actual: Aberdour to Burntisland

Actual: Aberdour to Burntisland

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  1. Very helpful for me, heading from Edinb to Aberdour today on road bike. Good work!

  2. Did it today on a Hybrid from dalget bay yo Burntisland and Lord every inch of it – mud (in places) and all. Jane s :-)

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