I’m In

Registrations opened today for the New York Marathon, to which I have guaranteed entry for 2013. So I registered, and have my entry approved – I’m in.

I’d love to be able to say this is due to my super-fast times set in previous marathons, or because I’ve run 15 NY marathons before, but it’s not – it’s because I took advantage of the rule whereby you enter the lottery 3 years in a row and don’t get chosen, therefore are guaranteed entry in the 4th year. That rule is due to expire next year, so I managed to get in just in time.

So, I have 6 months to get from not being able to run 5km to being able to run 42km.

One thought on “I’m In

  1. Hi. I’m very envious, you’re about to set off on a fantastic journey. Chris Brasher, who founded the London Marathon, called it the suburban Everest. The training is arduous but pays results on the day. I ran Paris in 2005 and would love to have done London and NY. Crossing the finish line is a memory I’ll never forget. Enjoy it.


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