Specialized Tahoe Cleat Spaces

I bought a pair of Specialized Tahoe shoes today, as my old MTB shoes have a sole that is really solid plastic, and when walking on hard floors at work, it sounds like I have high heels on.

I’ve not tried them out yet, but the point of this post is merely to state how phenomenally difficult it was to remove the plastic cover so that I could attach my cleats. The instructions were correct, in that you do lift the rubber patch off the shoe, but it was stuck on with industrial strength glue and took a hell of a lot of effort, including many minutes hacking away at the rubber with a Stanley knife.

I finally got there, and I took a picture when I had removed one, just to show you what they look like once you have the rubber patch off, in case you run in to the same issue:

Specialized Tahoe, cleat space

Specialized Tahoe, cleat space

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