Cast I got my cast off yesterday. Thankfully, I didn’t have to have another one put back on again. Had 6 x-rays done, four of which were of my wrist, to see how the break is healing. The good news was that it’s healed enough to not require another cast, although the doc made it clear that there is still a break there, but it’s now much smaller than it was before, hence I didn’t need another cast.

This is a relief, as tbh I was starting to go a bit mad with the thought that I might need a cast on for another 6 weeks, potentially. I now have had the delights of being able to have a shower, amongst many other things, in a normal way.

The wrist is still sore, mind you, due to it not having moved for 6 weeks. Therefore, I will still be in some pain for the next while, but this can’t be avoided, after all.

ThumbI also got x-rays done of my thumb. It looks really quite bad, much worse than the first x-ray I got of it, but the hospital seem to think it’s ok. It’s now much more clearly broken in the new x-ray, and it’s going to stay like this forever, meaning I can’t bend my thumb back as much as I did before. Apparently, that isn’t really a problem, since I’ll still be able to close my thumb, which is the important bit. It is now significantly less sore than it was a few days ago, so definite improvement there.

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