It is not possible to cycle with a plaster cast on your arm

OK, so I was being overly hopeful at the weekend when wanting to get back on the bike. I did go out for a short 4 mile spin round the block, and initially it seemed that it is indeed possible to cycle despite having a plaster cast on my right arm, from below the elbow to my knuckles. Alas, although I could brake when at a slow speed, I couldn’t brake effectively from a faster speed, as I can’t tighten my right hand enough to brake very hard. Therefore, I had to accept that cycling really will have to wait until this thing is off my arm.

That should happen Friday. There’s a risk that they take it off, x-ray my wrist again and discover it’s not healed enough yet, but quite frankly I’m not going to let them put another one back on my arm because my skin is now massively irritated by the cast and it’s causing me serious psychological damage. They said last time I was at hospital that I would get it off and might have to use a splint for another couple of weeks if it was still sore, and the good thing about a split is you can take it off. And it isn’t the same material and is significantly less likely to irritate my skin. But mainly, being able to take it off will be wonderful. So I need to focus on that being the goal… just two more full days of this damn thing to go and then it’s off…

As for the cold, it seems to finally be disappearing. Hurrah.

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