I can’t help but feel irritated by my current state of health. I also know it’s probably a taste of things to come in later life, when things stop working with less obvious external notifications, but they stop working all the same. But right now, with this brokenness, added to which I’ve had a stinking cold that is showing no sign of letting up after 6 days, I’m solidly in cabin fever right now. My right thumb is now really sore due to the plaster cast having a really hard, rough edge that has been giving me pain since the 2nd day the thing was put on me, and the pain has been getting progressively worse with each passing day. And there’s still 10 days of this thing to go before I get it off. And damn, I’d better get it taken off… if I turn up at hospital and they refuse to take it off, I seriously might saw the thing off my arm myself. Frustrated is nowhere near strong enough a word for my current mental state.

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