Central Taxis – odd but nice gesture

I’ve repeatedly mentioned that I came off my bike a few weeks ago (oh! 4 weeks ago today, it seems), and when I did, I decided to get a taxi to Accident and Emergency rather than call an ambulance, as I needed to take my bike with me.

A few days afterwards, I dropped a note to them (Central Taxis, Edinburgh), asking them to pass on my thanks to the driver who took me to hospital. I told them the circumstances as to why I needed a taxi, and they then sent me vouchers for a future taxi journey, for no apparent reason. Hurrah! Being nice pays off once again, as it’s also netted me £30 of vouchers for being nice about a bike shop and £20 of vouchers for posting a review on a mobile phone web site, all in the past 3 months. All very unexpected, it has to be said, but pleasing all the same.

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