Thumb improvement

The left thumb, which I broke on 6th March, is starting to show some signs of improvement. I’ve been largely unable to use my left hand even when I have not been trying to involve the thumb because the use of my fingers tends to somehow pull the muscles around the thumb, which then caused extreme pain. However, in the past few days, I have been largely able to use my left hand a lot more, albeit still not using the thumb.

However, the past couple of days has seen significant improvement in the thumb itself. It now seems to be sore to use it, but mainly I believe from atrophy of the muscles, rather than pain where the break is. I can now use the thumb in all directions to some extent; not a lot, but a little. For example, I can now hold a towel and use the thumb to hold it slightly as well, while drying myself after a shower. I can now also use my left hand to itch myself, which might not sound that impressive, but man alive, for certain areas of the body which my right hand can’t reach, it’s a blessing.

Added to this is that my left shoulder is almost completely pain free now. I can use it totally normally now, and only occasionally get any discomfort from it, and even then, it’s relatively mild. So my left hand side is definitely becoming more useful again, which is a massive win.

I am continuing to discover more things that I do left handed, though. It’s one of the odd things about being a standard ambidextrous person, which is that you do some things left handed, and other things right handed. I can see no pattern to why I do some things with one hand. Yesterday – peeling an orange. I discovered I must do that left handed when I had to do it right handed due to the lack of a left thumb. The list is getting quite long, but thankfully, I’m able to do these things right handed too, with a bit of practice.

So overall, things are looking more positive than before on the injury front. Here’s hoping I’ll be back on the bike before the end of April.

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