Cycling in Strasbourg #2

More thoughts on cycling while out and about in Strasbourg today. It’s still pretty cold, but at least it got somewhere around 6 celsius today.

So, I mentioned yesterday that there was good quality cycle segregation here, but then didn’t have anything to back this up. Today, I do. First, a cycle lane starting from a pavement. It’s a bit odd, tbh, in comparison to most of them, but there you go:

photo 1

Next, directly on the other side of the street, a cycle path shared with a pavement. These are both in Ostwald, outside the Simply Market (in case you’re desperate to know for some bizarre reason):

photo 2

Next up, it’s another shared pavement with a cycle path, which shows nicely how the bikes are separated from the road. This one is near Le Vaisseau:

photo 4

And finally, in the centre of Strasbourg, quite near the Gare:

photo 6

Enough about cycle paths. What about ridiculously bad parking, I hear you ask? Well, I’ve seen some shoddy parking around here, but this truly took the biscuit. My 8 year old daughter couldn’t squeeze through the gap, never mind a wheelchair!

photo 3

And finally, it’s Strasbourg’s equivalent to the Boris bike – I’ve seen quite a few of these getting used all around Strasbourg:

photo 5

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