Even more injured!

Well, I went to the hospital again yesterday to speak to a doctor at the fracture clinic. We initially discussed my shoulder, he confirmed the dislocated humerus and suspects I have torn my rotator cuff, which would explain why I am finding it almost impossible to move my left arm around. The right wrist is, thankfully, not broken, just bruised like crazy. The thumb does not need reset – sweet! \o/ And indeed, he was quite hopeful that it will fix itself relatively quickly, potentially in 2 to 3 weeks. And with my super-crazy immune system which goes into overdrive, usually with bad results, it might help here, I’m thinking. Maybe it’s me that’s crazy. SplintHe wanted to put it in a plaster cast, and I asked him not to, as I like the abilities I have with the current velcro splint, and while he wanted the cast so that I could move my wrist around easier than in this splint, he let me keep the velcro splint. This also means that I can take it off for parts of the day as it gets better.

However, I need to get an ultrasound scan of my shoulder to see the damage to my rotator cuff, and I need physio since I can barely move my left arm. And I need to go back in 2 weeks for them to x-ray my thumb again and see how it is getting on. He also sent me to a physio immediately so she could tell me how to start doing exercises on my shoulder while I wait for a referral. She also told me I’m not allowed to ride by bike for a bit. Which is a shame, as I thought I might get away with riding it on Monday, but the wife made it clear that she would kill me if I tried that. So I probably am off my bike for a month.

Which leads me to the main issue – how do I get to work. Driving is currently not possible as I won’t be able to change gear. I’m hoping my left arm fixes itself enough by Monday to allow me to drive. There is hope – I can definitely move it more than I could yesterday and the day before, so I will be stretching it a lot over the weekend to try to get some movement out of it.

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