Another off: multiple injuries

Well, a few weeks ago, I took a tumble on my bike and bust a finger. Not a huge deal, and it healed up nicely after about four weeks.

Last night cycling home, I hit a wet patch going round a corner into a side street, the tyres lost their grip and next thing I know, I’m lying flat on the ground, in pain, in the middle of the street. Dragged my bike to the pavement, and curled up in a ball on the pavement, waiting for the pain to subside. Another cyclist came up to see if I was ok, but because it had just happened, I figured the pain would get better in a couple of minutes, so told him I’d be fine.

Turned out I was wrong.

A trip to A&E, via the most helpful taxi driver in Edinburgh (I’m not being sarcastic) who helped get my bike in and out of his taxi, and I have broken my left thumb, snapped straight through at the base. Dislocated humerus which popped itself back in but has caused immense pain in the muscles and tendons around it. Deep puncture wound on my shoulder which required a tetanus booster shot and a solid clean-up, and destroyed three layers of clothing including a solidly built waterproof jacket. A potential broken right wrist which I hadn’t mentioned to the hospital because I wasn’t aware it was sore due to the pain everywhere else. General damage up and down my left hand side which took the brunt of the fall, including elbow and knee, and I may have re-broken my broken rib which sticks out of my chest.

Despite all that, I still worked a full day today, which apparently rates me in the “mental” category according to my work colleagues. They may have a point. I also told the wife I was considering cycling to work next Monday, and she’s made it clear this isn’t on.

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  1. Madman or Superman, respect either way. Hope it all mends soon and the wife lets you back on the bike (without stabilisers ;)

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