Virgin Media Traffic Management Policy

I’m seriously considering changing broadband provider because for many weeks now, Virgin Media’s 10Mb connection in my house has been operating at no more than 3.5Mb. Also, their traffic management policy pisses me right off. However, on the latter point, I have now discovered that they are finally documenting, in full, what their policy is. In the past I’ve attempted to find this info out to no avail, but maybe my searching skills were not l33t enough. Or more likely, they probably hid it well. Either way, it’s currently here:

I’m now considering upgrading to 100Mb, as it turns out that it is the exact same price I am currently paying for the crap 3.5Mb I’m getting. But only if they fix my speed back to 10Mb sharpish, otherwise it’s off to BT I go.

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