SanDisk Sansa Clip+: Volume too quiet? Fixed!

SanDisk Sansa Clip+About a year ago, I bought a SanDisk Sansa Clip+ for the wife who was training to do a MoonWalk. She wanted to listen to the radio, and the Sansa seemed to fit the bill perfectly. The only problem was that the volume was too low for her to hear it when she was outside, even when turned up full.

So I was giving it a go yesterday to see whether I could use it when commuting along cycle paths with one headphone in (the left ear, keeping the right ear totally free). But alas, it was still just too quiet. The odd thing was, though, that it gets awesome reviews on Amazon. Did I get a faulty gadget? No, because I recalled others having the same issue when I tried to fix it last year.

But there is a fix after all. It turns out that the volume is limited on the device if you set it to Europe when you turned it on the first time. This can be resolved by resetting it to factory settings, and this time choosing North America. The down side to that is that it seems to skip even numbered FM frequencies (jumping from 99.3 to 99.5 to 99.7 etc), but the stations I listen to are luckily on the odd numbers. There are other settings that you might be able to choose that could also sort the volume issue out too, but I tried North America, then went into the Volume settings and chose ‘High’. Bingo! It’s now loud enough.

3 thoughts on “SanDisk Sansa Clip+: Volume too quiet? Fixed!

  1. Thanks for posting the fix. The max volume which was redicilous is now normal.

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